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Tanzania League of the Blind (TLB) is a civil society organization which was formed in 1964 and registered in Tanzania in 1972.

It is the organization formed by persons with visual impairment for the purpose of advocating for the rights of persons with visual impairment in the country.

Our  Vision statement
TLB envisions a society, which promotes equality for all including people with visual impairment, in all aspects of human development.

Our Mission statement
Tanzania League of the Blind is a registered non-governmental organization that is committed to improve the quality of life of people with visual impairment in Tanzania through lobbying and advocacy; awareness raising; information sharing; facilitating access to education and vocational training; and economic empowerment.


Policy engagement, Research and Advocacy

TLB as one of the OPD in the country has been engaging in advocating for the change of various policies, law and regulation to ensure the issues of persons with visual impairment are well captured.

Education and Sports

TLB still realizes the importance of education and ICT to persons with visual impairment in the country. TLB will continue implementing projects on quality inclusive education and provision of ICT trainings to her members.

ICT and Vocational Training

In terms of vocational training, TLB will continue advocating for the provision of vocational training to persons with visual impairment.

Community mobilization, Participation and Awareness raising

There has been negative attitutdes towards persons with visual impairment. TLB is continuing raising awareness to the public on issues on visual impairment, sources of blindness and how to handle a child/person with visual impairment.

Branches development and Members’ empowerment

In ensuring all TLB members are reached by the organization,TLB do provide trainigns to her members like livelihood trainigs etc.

Institutional Development and Capacity building

Help to connect the blind and information sharing in the world. Connect people and gives opportunities


Tanzania League of the Blind (TLB) is the only national civil society organization that help to lift up blind and empower them

  • Gives opportunities to the blind
  • Help blind get education
  • Connect blind people to international organization
  • We Are Always Improving lives of blind

Kongamano la maadhimisho ya fimbo nyeupe Kitaifa mkoani Manyara – Tanzania

Kongamano la maadhimisho ya fimbo nyeupe Kitaifa mkoani Manyara.

       MADA KUU

  • Ukuaji wa TLB na uhai wa TLB
  • Ukatili wa kijinsia
  • Ukatili dhidi ya watu wasioona
  • Umuhimu wa matumizi ya TEHAMA kwa wasioona kwa maendeleo endelevu.
  • Elimu changamoto ya kazi na ajira kwa watu wenye ulemavu
  • Msaada wa kisheria kwa wasioona.

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